Sunday, November 13, 2011

OMGood Island Hits

Talofa blog readers! I hope you all are enjoying your weekend. I am certainly enjoying mine. So far I've spent the weekend at a Veteran's Day ceremony, a football game, the grocery store, McDonald's (for coffee!), Rosie's (for the ever-so-delicious grilled wahoo sandwich), the gas station (ice cream...), Utulei Beach, Sliding Rock, and my house. It's been a pretty eventful weekend and it's not even Sunday yet!
I thought I would share some songs that always seem to get stuck in my head. Some are songs that are always played on the buses. Others are songs that my students like to play on their cell phones nonstop which means that I can't stop humming them all day...enjoy!

The first time I heard this song, I thought it was terrible. Now I love it and the Samoans do too!
This is a bus song. It's a bit calmer and perfect for a ride in the rain.
This is probably one of my favorite Samoan songs only because the boys LOVE to sing along. It's just about the cutest thing ever. I recently became BFF's with a freshman and he rapped this for me the other day. Aaaadoooraaableee.
Another classic Samoan tune that I could listen to on repeat. Perfect island song.
And speaking of good music, I hope you all have given the new Coldplay album a listen. It's absolutely fantastic in every way possible. Whenever I play it in my classroom, I always get "Can you change the song, Miss?" "Ooo Miss, change." Sigh.
And speaking of one more thing, I would say that I get called Miss at least, AT LEAST anywhere from 30-50 times per class period. PER CLASS PERIOD. "Miss, Miss, MISS!" The worst is when I'm clearly helping or talking to a student and "misses" pop up from all around the room. Now I just say it and repeat it right back just as many times to whoever said it. One of my classes has caught onto my little game and now they say it 10x more. Sigh, laugh, and sigh again. Only in AmSam.

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Mom said...

Hmmmm. What goes around...comes around. I can remember Quinn and Connor incessantly chirping "Mom!Mom!Mom!" like it was one word and all the while tapping me on my leg, my arm, my back-whatever body part was closest. I think you should thank your lucky stars you don't get that tapping!
Very. Funny. Blog. Quinn.