Sunday, April 8, 2012


Today was a good music bus day. I will admit that I have not waved down a bus because I know it doesn't play good music (and by good music I mean everything from rap to island reggae, etc.) The younger drivers play all the stuff that makes the ride worthwhile (besides it only costing $1.)

The Polynesian islands l-o-v-e, love, love, love them some UB40 and who can blame them? UB40 is freakin' awesome. Western Samoa is celebrating their 50 year independence this year and guess who's coming to play them some tunes? UB40. Seki a.

This song (by UB40's front man - Ali Campbell) is becoming popular in AmSam and I happen to like it a lot. Perfect mellow song when it's raining out and you're on a bus.

I also love this song.

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