Sunday, September 18, 2011

I want a comment! (or two)

My mom tells me that some of you are having trouble being able to comment at the end of my blogs.  I agree with the difficulty and this is a frustrating yet common problem with other blogs on this site.  I am going to try and help you with a step by step process because I would enjoy hearing from you.

1.       At the end of my current blog entry, click on “COMMENTS” and type your response in the comment box. 

2.       Directly under the comment box is the “Comment as:” box.  Click the arrow where is says “Select Profile”. 

3.       Next click “NAME/URL” and then type your first name in the NAME box.  Ignore the URL box and hit CONTINUE.

4.       Now click “Preview” and type in the “secret code”.  Finally, click “Post Comment” and  hopefully this will work for you. 

Looking forward to responding to your responses!


Anonymous said...

Are you gettin mine??? I just sign on as "anonymous!" :)

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah ~ it's Jan! Forgot to tell you!;)

Kelsey said...


Your blog is so interesting and I am loving reading about your stay in Am Sam! It makes me want to travel so bad! So glad you are having fun!!

Jovan and Rich said...

We LOVE to read your adventures!

Janice Clayton said...

Well just catching up with "Adventures in AmSam". It's been crazy around here and I've missed a couple of blogs. RC was in Hospital a few days last week but seems much, much better now. I just wanted to say, your problem is your killing spiders. The spiders eat the bugs.
It's really a no win situation, isn't it. Sounds like a fun Christmas break to me. Love you...AJ and UR

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