Sunday, September 4, 2011

Photos on a Sunday

Talofa lava and Manuia! I hope you enjoyed your weekend and if you have tomorrow off of work or school, enjoy that too! I have had an incredible weekend so far (no weekend has disappointed me yet) but it wouldn't be complete without a new blog post - this time of pictures. I'd like to show you a little bit of what going to school for me is like, and who I get to see while I'm there. Get excited!

This is the road I walk along to get to school.

This is the same road only looking the other way - my walk home.

Tropical rainbow = pretty darn beautiful.

Some of the boys in my 2nd period. The boy on the right is wearing his JROTC uniform. JROTC is HUGE here and a lot of kids - girls too! are involved in it. They wear their uniforms on Thursdays...and they look so handsome and beautiful!

The same boys 2 minutes later - these guys love to look at the world map my mom sent me.  

5th period - what a fun bunch they are.

I dressed up like the kids this past Friday. Teachers didn't recognize me - they thought I was a student. Kids commented, "Nice uniform, Miss!" My green sunnies are also a huge hit. "Where did you get those, Miss? Can I have them?" - heard that about 50 million times.

1st Period: "Miss, you're so white!" - I laughed out loud. You'll notice the guitar - several students bring their guitars to school every day. I love when they sing and play, which happens often! Also, some of the kids don't have uniforms on because Friday was our first Pep Rally. The juniors had to wear green shirts.

The view from my room in between classes. So much green and yellow!
Some seniors and one of my students (in the sunglasses) stopped by to say hi...and to ask if they could have my sunglasses. Whenever they pose like gangsters, I call them Fia Gangsters. Fia means "wannabe". It makes them laugh.

Some of my 2nd period writing in their journals. I clearly did not notice the cell phone as I was taking this.

Two of my adoooooorable kids from 3rd period. All of my kids are adorable. So so so cute. This is my shirt that the art teacher made for me - he even spray painted my name on it! I'm a junior class advisor so I get to hang out with my kids all the time. Hooray!

More 3rd period. They make me laugh so hard!

No pep rally would be complete without boys dressing up like girls. The two on the left and the one on the right are my students. You'll also notice the sock/slipper look.

The junior class banner. All the classes compete in many different things including banners! The boy with the pink backpack is one of mine and he is an incredible artist. Many others in this pic are my kids too - including our junior class president in the barely there outfit.

Some of the junior class at the pep rally. GO LIONS!

The Pep Rally was a major event. Barely any of my kids were in class on Friday because they were prepping for it. All the classes competed with banners, Mr. and Miss, and cheers that lasted 6 minutes long - I got some great videos of those...but the darn internet is too slow for me to upload them. It was a fantastic way to end the week. I even got to dance in front of everyone again - only this time with two of my students - so so fun! We were rallying for the sports, but mainly for the football team. We played the undefeated school Faga'itua on Saturday and ended up losing 23-14. We scored two touchdowns in the first quarter and it was so exciting! 2 Leone kids got taken to the hospital though...sad day.

I'll leave you with that for now. Tomorrow I will be doing some hiking on my day off of school and I will come back to the blog with more adventures and pictures of the beautiful island that I'm calling my home away from home.

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mom said...

Great pictures, Quinn. You look beautiful in your Puletasi, Miss! Love the smiles on the kids. Everyone looks so happy! I see your Mac in the back of the classroom! Burn the videos and send them so I can post.
Dad says, "Love ya! Always enjoy the pictures!"