Tuesday, October 25, 2011


This week is Spirit Week at school. Today was Ghost Day. How does a palagi (who already glows) dress like a ghost? By wearing all white, of course. Reactions to my outfit included the following:
- Catcalling after I walked by (aheeeeem).
- "Miss, just because you're wearing all white doesn't mean you're a ghost."
- "Miss, you're so beautiful!"
- "Are you going to church?" (HA! This was the most common reaction).
I guess my white skirt, white t-shirt, and ghost earrings (thanks Vickie and Barb!) didn't qualify as a true ghost costume to my students, but some of them came to school wearing black and white stripes, high heels, and weird face paint...that makes you a ghost??
Ghost, myself, and two boys that just wanted their picture taken with the teacher.

Black ghost, Palagi ghost, and White ghost: Multicultural Ghosts!
I went to the girls volleyball game after school. I have a few on the Varsity team. Both the JV and Varsity whooped the Voc-Tech's butts! Seki a!
The Varsity football team got done with practice so they all crowded around me at the Vball game. "Miss Quinn! The score is 9 to 8! Miss Quinn, come sit by me (everyone laughs). Miss Quinn! Take my picture!" Samoans are so fun. All the boys in this picture are seniors, so none of them are mine.
I almost stepped on this XXXL snail on my walk/run home. Neat, right?
It's a perfectly cool night. And when I say perfect, I mean perfect. For the first time in a long time, my skin is not sticky. I may or may not have just had some hot chocolate...it's cold! (In all reality, it's probably 75 degrees...haha.) Stay tuned for tomorrows theme...it's a good one! 


Mom said...

SEND ME THAT SNAIL FOR THE LEARNING CENTER! Just how big is XXXL? As big as robin egg? Duck egg? Coconut?
If cars can only drive 25mph, do they slow down for a snail? Do they wait? Is the snail faster?

You silly, ghostly white chick!

Kristine said...

Quinn - it's 70 degrees here in Chicago and the whole world is excited to have one more nice day. Who knew I should have been cold and drinking hot chocolate instead of walking home from work. HA!