Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Peace, Rain, and Robbers

Today's Spirit Week theme was "Hippy Day." For the most part, they seemed to all understand how to dress like one (especially with the limited resources on island!). I wore jeans for the first time in almost four months and it felt so weird. I felt more like myself and I think it was because I was wearing had been a while!

Hippies in 5th period

Hippies in 3rd period...I'm still not sure why they think taking a picture at this angle is cool.

Hippies in 2nd period. Yeah, I don't really look like a hippy.

Boys hamming it up for the camera during lunch. The boy on the left is wearing a wig which could easily pass as Samoan hair. I also found out today that the boy in the middle is a twin of another one of my students. I always knew they had the same last name but I just figured that they were cousins...but no, they're fraternal twins. I am shocked! They are completely different in every way.

Abby and I representing the WEST SIDE. True fia gangsters right there.

This is a new addition to the Lion Running Club! He came into my classroom yesterday and got excited when he saw my Brian Urlacher (sp?) calendar. Today he showed up in an Urlacher jersey so I of course had to take his picture!

In other news, I forgot to mention 2 things in my post yesterday:

1) A student brought a puppy to class. It sat on her lap the entire class. No big deal.
2) Someone broke into my classroom this weekend...boooo. I ALWAYS triple check to make sure my door is locked whenever I leave my classroom. Sometimes I will get all the way to the office and then have to run all the way back thinking that I forgot to lock it. When I got to school yesterday, my door was unlocked. When I came in, my fans were on. Hmm. When I got to my desk, I noticed that things that were normally inside my desk were on top of my desk. BOOOOOO.

Things that were stolen from my classroom: my 99 cent bottle of HAND SANITIZER (seriously?), a bag of Lifesaver mints (understandable), a bag of Post-It's (random), my big ream of colored construction paper (I just realized this today and I'm super bummed about it.), and a student's uniform that he accidentally left in my class after running club on Friday (this made me feel awful).

Things that were not stolen from my classroom: my $2,000 iMac computer (you take my hand sanitizer but not my computer...??), my stapler (whew!), 4 pairs of shoes that belong to kids in the running club, my classroom phone, my chalk, and my broom (everyone's always trying to take it!).

People are weird. Anyways, the custodians discovered that the person unscrewed one of the wire gates and climbed in through one of my windows. I guess they walked out my room and then went back to the wire gate and tried to screw it back on. They must have gotten hot during all this because my fans were on. So sneaky...pff. THANKS A LOT, ROBBER!

One last comment. I think the rainy season has officially arrived. Rain, rain, rain...all the time. Everyone wanted to run in their slippers (flip flops) for running club yesterday so I sent them all home. They said that they didn't want to get their shoes wet because they'd smell. When I run in rain at home, my shoes don't smell. I ended up running by myself. When I went to put my shoes on today to run, I almost gagged. My shoes smell awful now. Must have something to do with all the dirty rivers I ran through! Ew.



Mom said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I'm still laughing at your smelly shoe ending! So funny!

Kristine said...

Ohhhh....I can't wait to hear what tomorrow's theme is. I'm sorry you were robbed, but if you have to be robbed it's good to be robbed by idiots.

Jovan and Rich said...

Hand sanitizer? Really??? But your stapler is still there! Yay!

hahahaha smelly shoes! And you know you were thinking they were crazy about stinky shoes...BACKFIRE!

Anonymous said...

Love all the Spirit Week pics! Especially DA BEARS fan!! Woo!

Wow, that is totally odd...hand sanitizer vs. laptop. Hmm, I guess clean hands is on the thief's priority list.

A puppy in class? This is incredible. I don't even think you could get away with a stuffed puppy in most schools here!