Thursday, February 9, 2012

Squeak, meow, wow!

I am having some issues. They aren't that big of a deal, but I just have to bring them up. Suprisingly and even a little ironically, all three issues are about a mouse.

My mouse situation actually starts with a computer mouse, specifically a mouse for a Mac computer. Remember that one time when someone broke into my classroom and stole two of my computers as well as my keyboards and mouse-s? Yeah, that was fun. Anyways, I still have one computer left. I was able to get my hands on another Mac keyboard but am failing miserable at finding a mouse that works. The keyboard and mouse are both wireless, meaning you have to use batteries in order to get them to work. The five Mac mouse-s that I have tried refuse to work. Sigh. I have finally resorted to putting my computer away because I am asked constantly, “Where’s your computer? Can I use your computer? Can I get music from your computer?” No, mouse, people! I even tried to borrow one from our library that might have a USB cable, but sadly, all those mouse-s/mice? have a circle port/cable/thingy so that’s no good.

Current status on this issue: hopefully resolved! I found a $6 USB cable mouse at Cost-U-Less tonight. We’ll see if it works tomorrow. It works!! 
My second issue also has to do with a computer mouse, this time for a laptop. I turned my computer on the other day and I couldn’t get my mouse to budge! Turns out, my trackpad had been turned off.
Current status: Working! All is well again.
My third issue is with an actual mouse (as of 30 minutes ago, a husband and wife – please no babies). They are living in this weird wooden box thing that must cover some wires or something in our kitchen. Waaah. Someone send me a cat! Mouse poop – everywhere.
Current status: Need to get mouse trap(s). Sorry little squeakers.
What makes all this even funnier is that I found my grocery list from last week. The first item on it was mouse. The second item on it was cheese. At the time, situation 3 had not been discovered yet. I’m so funny!
Speaking of animals, (this time cute ones), the new fad at Leone High School (for boys in particular) is to meow. Yep. Meow. Like a cat. All the time. While I was enjoying the peace and quiet of my first 20 minutes of lunch (before the door gets knocked down by five million teenagers wanting to listen to the same rap song over and over again), my time was suddenly interrupted by a sneaky student standing behind my classroom, hidden, meowing. I’m talking meeeeeeeeeeowwwwwwwing. He sounded like a cat in heat. I could not stop laughing. Every time I stood up to go figure out who he was, he would run away and then come back a few seconds later. The meower eventually came into my room and started a chorus of meowing with all the other students that were listening to the same rap song (over and over again.)  I wish I could have gotten it all on camera. Oh Samoan high schoolers. You’re so fun.
To conclude this cat and mouse post, I will give you a small preview of my classroom art gallery. Students are fascinated with each other’s work. Students I don’t even have will come in and just look. They like to ask who drew what. They like to see if their village is represented. They say things like, “He’s such a good artist, Miss.” It’s as if I have my own art museum. I like to stand back and watch them. It gets me all choked up sometimes because they look so darn cute! Art is such an important part of their culture and they are so proud and supportive of each other. Enjoy!
 Some of them think I'm married because I wear a ring (hence the Mrs.). My ring is on my right hand but they still constantly ask me if I am engaged.
 Drawing a masterpiece on my chalkboard.
 Amazingly detailed Samoan designs
 Please click on this picture and make it bigger. It is fascinating, isn't it?

My name has never looked so cool before!
These are cartoon/comics that some of them did for their project on "The Pit and the Pendulum."


Mom said...

They look like love notes to me! I am impressed with their work and talent! I have 24 8"x8" mats I am going to send you. They have a pre-cut 5" square opening for some smaller sized works of art. I know it isn't enough for everyone, but you can figure out how to give them out. It might be a nice way for some of the artists to display a work of art in their own homes. Good for you to build their self-confidence with an art gallery in your classroom. Would you like some art supplies? good drawing pencils maybe??

Jovan and Rich said...

Those are amazing! So are you, giving them a place to display their creativity is SOOOO wonderful!

Auntie N said...