Monday, May 14, 2012

All it takes is a frisbee

Back in September, Abby and I went to the village of Vailoa. It takes about 30 minutes to walk from our house to this village. Many of our students live here and it is right on the ocean. While there, we made friends with a gazillion little kids (who all happen to be brothers and sisters...or cousins). Refresh your memory by going back to this post: Vailoa kids

A few weekends ago, Abby and I went back to play with the kids. While we had seen them several times since September, we were amazed at how much they had grown in the past several months. Just like last time, it all started with a frisbee. The second I pulled it out of my bag, kids came from every direction to play. "QUINN QUINN QUINN!" It was a really fun day and I just love being surrounded by tiny Samoans! 

*All of the pictures were taken by Abby. *

The twins: Alpha and Omega.

Pile up!
They just love having their pictures taken!

Toothy grins

This picture puts such a big smile on my face.

High fives are fun!

After we swam for a little bit, it was decided that I should be turned into a mermaid. 

When you try to become a mermaid to close to the ocean, the ocean will take away your flipper.

So you move farther back and start all over again.

The finished product. Seki a.

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Mom said...

awwww they're gonna miss you. Alpha and Omega did grow!