Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It was just another manic Monday...

I woke up with a cold this morning. Bummer. Not a great start to my second week of teaching, but hey, at least it's not Dengue! The only way I can really explain my day to you is by timeline. Enjoy:

5:30 a.m. : Alarm number 1 goes off. I close my eyes for a few minutes.

5:34 a.m. : Alarm number 3 goes off. Time to get up.

5:34 - 7:15 a.m. : Get ready for school, have my coffee, Skype/facebook/email, eat breakfast

7:20 a.m. : Head out the door - time to go to school!

7:20-7:40 : Walk to school, say hi to the old lady I see every day, get honked at, get muddy feet

7:40-8:25: Set up classroom for the day: arrange desks, write on my chalkboard, pick up the daily bulletin

8:30something: Bell rings

8:30something - 10:15: 1st and 2nd periods - we played Jeopardy in all my classes today (start of my assessment week to see what kind of learners my students are and to find out what level they are with reading, writing, listening, and speaking).

10:15-10:35 : Class meetings - I'm a Junior class advisor. All the Juniors meet in the cafeteria where they practice their awesome clapping and cheers (I can't WAIT to video record this - it sends chills up my spine!)

10:40-12:15: 3rd & 4th Periods (I had to "babysit" during my prep period again - this time for two freshmen English classes - once again, two more English teachers were out. WHAT THE HECK, PEOPLE? Thankfully the freshies were adorable and sweet.)

12:15-1:15: Lunch and English department meeting - I get chosen to be the Social Committee Representative. Um what? I will now be deciding what social events the English staff will be doing every month - "Just make sure it involves food." ME? I have to do this? This was not my idea. 
1:15-3:00: 5th and 6th Periods ...and the craziest part of my day occurs during the last 10 minutes of the day. I'm reading a Jeopardy answer to one of the groups when I happen to look at one of my shelves where I keep the kiddos journals. I see a bucket (the kind that ice cream comes in) and think to myself, "That's weird? Where did that come from?" I go over to the bucket and attempt to lift it up and YELP. Why did I yelp? There was a KITTEN in the BUCKET in my CLASSROOM! A teensy tiny, beautiful, little ball of fluff. I immediately started asking questions - where did it come from? why is there a kitten, in a bucket, in my classroom? Apparently one of my students "found it" on the school grounds. I don't know if that's true - I have no idea where he would have gotten the bucket from. Anyways, I proceed to cuddle with the kitten, completely forgetting that I'm supposed to be teaching. Oops. Then the bell rings, and the kid leaves the kitten (I actually kept the kitten because I was worried that something bad would happen to it). Then I realize that I can't take care of a kitten! I ended up finding a student to take it home. It's out of my conscience now. But fo realz, SO WEIRD!

The rest of my day consisted of cleaning up my classroom, finding a CUCUMBER at the mart by my house, and eating a delicious dinner of brown rice (yes Mom I cooked RICE and I didn't burn it!), black beans, and cucumber, sprinkled with fresh lime juice right off the tree.

Was your day as crazy as mine?!


mom said...

I think the sanest part of your day might have been sleeping through alarm number 2 and I am proud of you to pass the kitten on to someone else. Do you want a duck?

Anonymous said...

Quinn, thank you for sharing your wonderful experiece with me, I so enjoy hearing all you are doing and the adventure you are taking! Mary

Kristine (friend of your mom's) said...

Quinn - I just put my first piece of mail in the mail to you. It's a bit of an experiment so hopefully it makes it all the way to AmSam. Please let me know when (if) you get it. KV

Kat said...

Miss Quinn! Miss Quinn!! I will take that kitten home!!

I would take the duck, but it would get very lonely when I was away all day :/

Love your schedule!! I am happy you posted it that way :) I love how you write Q! Amazingly funny :)

Jovan said...

Socks made it to AMERICAN SAMOA?!!?