Thursday, August 25, 2011

My cute little house!

When we moved in, our house wasn't cute because they were doing construction on it. Now that the construction is done, it looks so adorable and sunny! Our teacher friends think it looks like a church?

This is our living room. We have a TV but we never turn it on.

The dining room/internet cafe (we only get internet in the kitchen?). One night this part of the house was swarming with termites. It was DISGUSTING. I was using my roomie Amber's massive fly swatter to kill them all. DIE TERMITES DIE!

Our kitchen! We are lucky to have a stove and oven. All the other volunteers just have burners that sit on their counters. We also have a coffee pot and a microwave - both of which I use every single day.

Hurray! Food! All I do is eat and I LOVE it. All this walking and teaching and running away from dogs makes me hungry 24/7. You'll also notice all the water on the door. We have to boil it because who knows what's in the tap water. Ew.

Our hallway. Amber's bedroom is on the right, Abby's on the left.

My massive bedroom. It's the entire back of the house. Doesn't look very big in this pic, but there's a lot of space behind where I am standing.

Room from the opposite side. I've got a pile up of skirts on the right - not enough hangers!


Abby and I's bathroom. I killed a MASSIVE spider on our sink at 5:30 a.m. one morning. I had a tiny heart attack as I ran around the house trying to figure out how to kill it. During my freak out, I thought it would be a good idea to take a picture of it (well, Mom did tell me to document everything!) but our sink has mold on it and it WILL NOT COME OFF, so I won't gross you out with the mold/Shelob size spider picture.

It's so nice to shower in an actual shower and not out of a faucet like we did at orientation. Our water pressure is so low that it takes 5 hours just to get my hair wet, but hey, I'm not complainin'!

The back door to our house is in my room. I look out at a jungle. Sweet.

This is the view from our front door. The main road is out there...somewhere.

This is to the left of our house - our landlords Moana and Mel live here.

This is the fale Samoa (meeting/guest house) where the Purcell's (our landlords) have meetings. The hammock is also a new addition - I used it a few Sunday's ago and it was FABULOUS!

Our house has a wrap around porch - LOVE it. We've got clotheslines that wrap around it too. Also, having this porch blocks the rain from coming in our house so we never have to shut the windows!!

Our lemon tree in the front yard!

Our lime tree in the front yard!

Our breadfruit tree in the front yard. That blue shed over to the left is the start of the little mart that we have for "I need this right now" purchases (like ice cream!)

A breadfruit. My favorite Samoan food so far...and it's my favorite color. Even better! You peel off the green layer, and then cook the inside in the delicious. Tastes like a potato (kind of).


Mom said...

I love finally being able to see where you live and I see Brownie on the picnic table! What a great home and your surroundings are perfect (except there isn't any corn or soybeans). And the fruit trees!

Kristine (friend of your mom's) said...

Quinn - your home is amazing!!!

Kat said...

I LOVE LOVE your house!!!!

I also LOVE LOVE the picture on your wall ;) Yes, I saw it! haha.

Oh my gosh! You seriously are living large miss Q! Hammock!! *sigh* haha!