Wednesday, August 31, 2011

WT AmSam Newsletter: Volume and Issue ONE!

– Happy Wednesday! I should be saying that in Samoan but I can't remember how to say Wednesday. I'm not accomplishing my goal of learning the language. AH! Must start studying it again.

Waaayyy back when in Orientation (feels like forever ago), our Field Director, Drew, asked the group if anyone would be interested in writing/putting together a newsletter each month for the group and for the WT home office. I volunteered right away - newsletters and writing are right up my alley.

I finished the first issue this past weekend and now that it's been posted on the WT website, I can share it with you: WT AmSam September Newsletter

Manuia le aso!


Kristine said...

Quinn - Is there anything you DON'T do???? I feel lazy reading your blog. HA!

Mom said...

To go along with Kristine's comment, here is something I have pondered. "Quinn - Is there anything you DON'T eat???? I feel stuffed reading about your food!" And pretty amazed, as well!

Anonymous said...

A most excellent newsletter!;) Jan;)