Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach coastal walk

I know, I know, more Australia pictures...but these are not of food so they will not make you  hungry! On our second day in Sydney, Abby and I trekked from Bondi Beach all the way to Coogee Beach. It took us a couple of hours and we had some really great views of the coast on our way. While we walked, we picked houses that we would like to live in if we had millions of dollars. The cost of living is ridiculously high in Sydney so we thought it was only fair to dream of what it would be like to wake up in a million dollar flat in Australia.

We had beautiful weather for our walk. It was a little sunny, a little cool, a little breezy, and even a little rainy. There was no humidity (woo hoo!) so our lungs were full of fresh, clean, moisture free air!

The water was pretty but it is nothin' compared to the water in AmSam. : )

We are approaching a cemetary at this point...we had forgotten that those exist! Remember that in the Samoan culture, you bury your loved ones in your front yard. Seriously.

Can you guess which one I picked?!
Pretty flower

This is one of the ocean pools that I was talking about a few posts ago. Pretty neat!
A less crowded beach than Bondi. Better for swimming and for taking the whole family!


Jovan and Rich said...

love love LOVE the yellow/orange house!!!

Mom said...

Don't look like any beaches we have here in Illinois, that's for sure! Very nice!