Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pictures of me...and some birds...and maybe a flower

Oka, oka, oka! I am oh so very sorry for not posting in forever! My blogging has really decreased these past few weeks. Our internet at home has been creeping at glacier pace. It took me several days just to upload these few pictures.

The life of Quinn in American Samoa has been busy! The second semester is already almost a month in and I just can't believe it. Teaching is going ridiculously well. I feel about a hundred times more comfortable in front of my students which has been helpful in so many ways. First semester was a constant challenge and frustration but I think that I just needed to get to know my students a little more and they, me.

I have yet to get back the computers that were stolen from my classroom. A few days after mine disappeared, another English teacher's classroom was broken into and the robber took either 4 or 5 of her iMac's. Sigh.

Basketball games are so fun! I've gone to all five games of the season so far and the players are excited for the teacher support. They like to come by my classroom, shake my hand, and say hi. It makes me smile to have new student friends.

Track and Field starts this week? Literally. We have a meet on Wednesday and we've only had 1 practice. Haha, this makes me laugh. I'm just gonna go with the flow. I get to coach the distance runners (the mile and maybe the 800...if they run it  here?) so I am excited about that. I am not excited to have practice at 3:00. The sun has gotten about a billion times hotter in the past month so running right after school is going to be rough. Either way, I'm excited!

My good friend Erin spent the last week with me. She came to school a couple days and was handed 3 love notes in her first couple hours. The boys really laid on the charm with the new palagi. We had a great time together and it was great to show off my beautiful island! Expect a post with pictures soon!

Thank you to those of you who have sent me mail: office supplies, copies of the Hunger Games, delicious snacks, hand sanitizer! - everything. I can't thank you enough for thinking of me and for sending me fun and much needed supplies. Fa'afetai tele lava! 

And now for the last round of Australia pictures... 

Me and that one building. I looked for Nemo in the water but didn't find him. Shucks.

Abby and I got all spiffy one night and went out for a fancy dinner with some friends. We wore clothes we would wear in the States. It felt a little scandalous, not gonna lie. And yes, I know that sunburn is probably making you gasp. It hurt and I learned my lesson. Yeoow.
This might be my favorite picture from Australia.

I was a tourist and got my picture taken with a koala.
I then took my picture with a kangaroo. I was surprised how soft he/she? was!

Abby and I visited the small city of Newcastle for a few days. I stuck my feet in the water and thought they were going to fall off from hypothermia. Holy cold water! What's funny is that Australians think the water is warm! PFF.

Abby and I also took a winery tour in the beautiful region of Hunter Valley. Oh my wine! I love wine! I just love it! That's all I am going to say. It was a wonderful day though - beautiful weather, beautiful landscape, beautiful glasses of wine! : )
Here's a picture of a weird bird. So weird.
Here's a picture of a cute bird. I want one!

Ok all. My eyes are drooping and I need a shower. Thanks for the continuous love, support, and kind words! I've had some down moments these past few weeks but thanks to all of you, I am keeping my chin up and pushing forward!


mom said...

Yes, the sunburn is disturbing.

Nice pictures, Quinn. Australia must have been quite an adventure!

jovan said...

The pics are great! What a great adventure!

P.S. love the koala picture! I really reallllly