Thursday, January 5, 2012

My life is full of beaches

No matter where I go around here, I can't escape the thing that so many people love: beaches. I hate that I'm saying this but...beaches get old. As much I love to lounge in front of a turquoise blue ocean, the crazy hot sun likes to do bad things to my skin. I'll be honest and say that I didn't lay on a beach once during my entire stay in Australia!
The beaches in Australia were bigger, white-sandier, and busier than anything you would find in American Samoa. This just made me love my little island even more because if you go to a beach here, it's never packed with people.

This is the beach in Rose Bay (where we stayed with my friend Amie). It was about a 1 minute walk from her apartment building. We also watched the New Years fireworks from behind the beach - you can see the Sydney bridge from it!
This is the ever-so-famous Bondi Beach. It's the most popular and well known beach in Australia (I think?). Anyways, this is it on my second day in Australia. Not too busy.
This is Bondi Beach from a higher point with the hopping town of Bondi in the back. Abby and I did a coastal walk from Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach so we beach hopped, basically.
This is Bondi Beach on Christmas...a tad bit busier, eh? At home, we blast the heat, make some hot chocolate, and watch The Snowman. In Sydney, everyone goes to the beach and sunbathes.
This is Bondi Beach on New Years day. Wowza.
Australia likes to put swimming pools and pools filled with ocean water right beside the ocean. While it seems weird, it makes sense. Big waves, strong currents...not always the best swimming conditions.


Mom said...

Life is a beach, Quinn!

Anonymous said...

Just gettin caught up on all your travels! How fun! Sydney is amazing! And Bondi Beach is where I realized that not only do they drive on the wrong side of the road ~ they walk on the wrong side of the sidewalk!;) Enjoy every minute. We're startin the countdown here!;) Only 147 days!!! Jan:)

Ami said...

can't get over how busy that beach is on new years!!!

Cathy said...

A huge swimming pool right beside the vast ocean, it’s like water within water! Water is everywhere, literally! It’s kind of scary to see strong currents, but to see the ocean when its calm is exceptional. Plus, this swimming pool is ideal for recreational swimmers who want to have that ocean experience.

-Cathy Newman