Friday, December 16, 2011

Have you got a smile on your face?

I am so happy. I think if I were to describe myself in one word, I would pick happy. I love to smile. I would be completely okay if I even had to smile while I sleep! A senior walked into my class today and I smiled at him, and he asked me, “Why are you so happy? Why are you smiling so much?” I responded, “I’m always happy and I love to smile!” I got the cheeky, “It’s because you’re seeing me, isn’t it?” “Well, of course!” Either way, having a smile on my face definitely makes me feel good.
Last week, I was not happy. I was feeling just about every negative emotion a person can feel. At times I was angry, other times I was sad, most of the time I was homesick, but I was also annoyed, frustrated, irritated, and unhappy. I think I hit the low point of my year in American Samoa. Every little thing bugged me. If a student was rowdy or a class wouldn’t do what I asked, it brought me down even further. I just was not in my normal state of mind and did not feel like myself. I don’t want to really talk about what got me down because it’s over and done with! This was a new week, and I’m back to the same old me. HAPPY QUINN!
Why am I so happy? Well, exams are over. Semester one is over. Tomorrow is our Christmas Program at school and a dance after that! I wonder if it will be like junior high dances? Will there be slow songs? Tomorrow night is our faculty/staff Christmas party and well to jump the gun: AUSTRALIA IS ONE DAY CLOSER!
Australia…a place with things like fresh milk (not the boxed stuff that tastes like those little coffee creamers on the table of your favorite mom and pop diner), yogurt, delicious salads and fresh fruits and vegetables! It is also a place where I will be able to walk and eat at the same time…in public! How exciting is that?! I’ve mentioned before that food is respected here. You sit when you eat. This is so hard.
Australia is also a place with big buildings, a whole lot of people, and fast cars. While I’m excited to see a city again, I’m a bit nervous about the stimulation of Sydney. Sure I see people here, but the entire population of American Samoa is probably about the size of Sycamore (or maybe a little more). That is not a lot of people. I’m also nervous about fast cars. When I’m walking and a car speeds by me at more than 30mph, it’s kind of frightening. I am going to have to look both ways a billion times.
When you are homesick and upset about every little thing (even though you are trying so hard not to be), you just have to focus on the future. What got me through the week was thinking about Australia. I’ve got a smile back on my face, I’m almost done grading my finals, and I’m about to go eat some Oreos. Life can’t get any better.
Fa soifua and manuia le weekend!


Mom said...

I'm happy you are happy, but at times, this was a difficult blog for your mom to read. But, on the other hand, you did exactly what your parents expected you to felt like crap, acknowledged it and then pulled yourself out of it. It's life and you handled it. Woohoo on to Australia!

Jovan and Rich said...

:( We've all got bad days and weeks, but the trick is picking yourself up and shaking it off! Personally, I've had a pretty grumpy, frustrated, and on-edge last couple weeks. I've been short and snippy with people who didn't even deserve it and I've felt awful! But I guess that's just how life is? I don't know! I look around then, and I see everything I have: my beautiful family, love, health (which is what got me into the grumpy mood to begin with!) and I think to myself, WHY are you being like this? You've got SO much to be thankful for! Sigh. The world IS a wonderful place and we're SO lucky to be here! You're SOOO SOOO SOOO blessed, Quinn! I hope you know that! I love you and I miss that beautiful smile of yours! Hope you have a great trip!

Ami said...

quinn!! congrats on finishing your first semester! sorry to hear you had a crappy week, but glad to hear that your smile is back where it belongs. :)

love living vicariously!