Friday, December 23, 2011

Sydney turns sunny

Highlights from day two in Sydney:

- Waking up feeling refreshed, not sweaty, and ready to explore!
- Mango Peach yoghurt with toasted muesli. Enough said.
- Seeing the iconic, and most well-known beach in Australia: Bondi Beach. Turns out it's pronounced Bond-eye not Bond-ee.
- Walking from Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach, a coastal trek that took around two hours.
- Frozen yoghurt with dark chocolate chips, strawberries, and raspberries. The girl who served it was from ROCKFORD, IL. How bizarre is that? It's a small world.
- Blowdrying and straightening my hair. [I know, I know, I sound like such a girl. When you throw your hair up into a ponytail every day for almost 6 months, you'd want to style your hair too!]
- Dinner at a tapas bar and seeing the Sydney night life

It's Christmas Eve in Sydney, which is very hard to believe. If you're not done Christmas shopping yet, you better get back out there and quit reading my blog! Don't forget to buy peppermint ice cream!

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Mom said...

When I read your blog out loud, Dad said, "Did she say eating at a topless bar??" Haha!